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Sponge structures found in Canada may be the oldest form of life on earth

Sponge structures found in Canada may be the oldest form of life on earth

These fossils are believed to be 350 million years older than the earliest forms of animal life known to date.

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They may be the remains of the oldest known animal life on earth. Fossil-like fossil structures that lived in the ocean 890 million years ago have been found in northwestern Canada, according to a study published in the journal Wednesday, July 28. Natural (Link in English). They are over 350 million years old, the oldest known to date. “Early animals that appeared in evolution were probably sponges. It is not surprising that sponges are simple animals in the tree of animal life.”Elizabeth Turner, a professor at Laurentian University in Canada, explained.

If this finding is confirmed, it will challenge the long-held theory that animals appeared only after large amounts of oxygen were injected into the atmosphere and oceans. These sponges are said to have lived 90 million years ago, and the amount of oxygen on Earth is believed to be essential for the origin of animal life. So before the antioxidant event of Neoproterozoic. “If my interpretation of the discovered ‘substance’ is correct, the first animals to appear before this event will tolerate low oxygen levels compared to current conditions.”, According to Professor. She judges “Like some current sponges, first animals may tolerate low levels of antioxidants.”. But more complex animal species appear only after the occurrence of neoproterozoic oxygenation.

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