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Space, ingenuity did not go to Mars.  NASA postpones historic flight

Space, ingenuity did not go to Mars. NASA postpones historic flight

Taking NASA’s helicopter to Mars, the first aircraft equipped with an engine to fly to another planet, the ingenuity has been modified “before April 14”. NASA announced it. After a successful test over the past few hours, the departure will be between Sunday and Monday night (12:30 pm local solar time Tuesday) compared to the record of the Wright brothers, the pioneers of air travel on Earth “).

“Based on data from the intelligence helicopter that arrived Friday night, NASA has decided to reconsider the helicopter’s first test flight before April 14,” the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said on its blog.

The error, recorded during a high-speed rotation test of the small drone-helicopter’s rotors, was the reason for the suspension, which departed from Florida in July 2020 and was attached to the belly of the diligent rover. The rover landed on February 18 after a very dangerous seven-minute descent into the Xero gorge of the “Red Planet” and after passing through the atmosphere of Mars. The 1.8-kilogram football is equipped with built-in cameras and a microphone to document the aircraft from its perspective. But for now we have to wait.

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