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Psychological horror game "In Sound Mind" is also coming to Nintendo Switch, and will receive a deluxe retail version

Sound Mind – August 3rd

Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | Modus Games today announced the release of the reality-breaking psychological thriller In Sound Mind on August 3 for the S, PlayStation 5 and PC. There was also a trailer with this message, which shows what players can expect as they actively stick to their last common sense.

The brave can do the demo Here If you want to get an idea of ​​the atrocities that await you, download the game and add the game to your Steam wishlist.

In Sound Mind is a first person horror experience that confronts the player with unpredictable dangers lurking in their memories. The crew behind the famous Nightmare House 2 mode, we have created, and the music-conscious The Living Tombstone, with a terrifying, atmospheric soundtrack from In Sound Mind, diverts harmless memories into shocking horror scenes. Oh, there’s the talking cat in the game as well.

All the news about Sound Mind can be found here Official site, Modus Games on Twitter (@modus_games) And Difference of opinion. The game is over Here Steam added to wishlist.

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