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Sony's Hermann Hulst talks about the future of Japan Studios, PC and Crunch Boarding -

Sony’s Hermann Hulst talks about the future of Japan Studios, PC and Crunch Boarding –

In an interview with Caminformer, Hermann Hulst, Boss PlayStation Studios, Talked about the future of Japan Studios, the crisis event and many interesting topics including the upcoming boarding of first party titles from PS5 to PC.

As head of the PlayStation Studio, Hulst has always been in touch with developers and is well versed in issues such as the dynamics of video game development, as well as events. CrisisThis can affect the mental and physical health of an employee.

“I’ve read a lot about the crunch thing and in my opinion it simplifies everything that needs improvement. I can easily say ‘we didn’t crunch’ and ‘I didn’t like it.’ But that’s not enough.” Explains that.

“A developer can be as stressful as working overtime, or working on a project that is not clear. Or we feel invisible along with a studio. There are many issues that affect our well-being. Employees.” Healthy career advancement and transparency are important in ensuring a team’s success. Hulst says.

Hermann Hulst

Changing the title, Hulst also talked about the topics he created Japanese Studies And how these are an important part of Sony and PlayStation.

When asked what we can expect from the Japanese studio’s corporate restructuring, Hulst says, “We are still a Japanese company in many ways. This is our legacy. It’s still a part of who we are. We love our Japanese games.” This led to the merger with the Azobi team, “We build the Azobi team under the direction of Nicholas Ducet, so we invest a lot in this team. And a team that worked with software and Kojima Productions.Titles created by Japanese studios are a fundamental part of identity. PlayStation I do not know how to do without it.

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Finally, on the future of PlayStation first-generation headlines on Steam, despite the success of games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony’s focus will still be on buying Nixes that will work on future changes. Versions PS5 And these will arrive earlier than their PC counterparts.