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State of Play PlayStation Sony

Sony announced the State of Play on Thursday, with 10 games for PS4 and PS5!

Sony has now announced First Game level 2021 In. Awesome Thursday We get it Livestream with many new revelations See!

Tune in to the new State Play release on Thursday!

When is the game level? Thursday, February 25, at 11pm!

How long will the stream last? About 30 minutes.

What is shown Sony promises to show 10 games coming for PS4 and PS5. They will include some new announcements and additional information on already known third party and indie topics.

Focus on games, so PS VR2 does not

Sony gives the pose Via the official PlayStation Blog It is already clear in advance No hardware Handled in the state. So we have no insight BS VR2, Which was officially confirmed today. It should Games were only brought to attention Become.

Unlike previous State of Play versions, Sony did not name the obvious title that will be part of the stream at this time. said Third party and indie gamesThat would be part of the show, we should be PS5 presentation in June I have already seen. So that is possible Victory: The Bridge of the SpiritS, “Little Devil Inside”, and “Stray” by Gemint Sean.

These upcoming PS5 games may also be shown: