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கேனா: பிரிட்ஜ் ஆஃப் ஸ்பிரிட்ஸ், விமர்சனம்

Development costs have already been recovered –

Kana: The Bridge of the Spirit Is in bulk Sale The Ember Labs team surprisingly defined: i Development costs The game, released on September 21st, was already exactly a month old Recovered.

It’s not hard to believe: as we wrote in the Cana: Bridge of Spirits review, we are faced with the headline “A mature story but conducted with incredible taste”, which is “caught from the first moments, by intrigue. And entertainment, it moves in its aspects”.

Emper Labs founders Mike and Josh Grier tell Jason Schreier a funny story about the game presentation during the opening event PS5Developed in full lock, so with strict spacing rules.

The two in particular remembered the cameraman who filmed themselves, wearing protective clothing and completely drenched in sweat: a strange episode, but it obviously brought good to Kana: Spirits Bridge, the excitement that followed its release.

Although the first game created by the team, Kana proved a success. “Sony is happy,” Greers said as they continue to work on new video games: the hypothesis of a return to dedicate themselves to advertising has been avoided.

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