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Skyward Sword HD - What's Better Now

Skyward Sword HD – What’s Better Now

With “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Wall HD”, Nintendo is reducing the time for the successful offshoot “Breath of the Wild” to appear until 2022. What exactly has changed with that Click Optimal Classic, which will be available from July 16, 2021, has everything changed?

An adventure between heaven and earth

“Skyward Sword HD” helps Zelda followers refresh their memories in new ways. Together with a young Zelda and a young merger, you reveal the beginning of the Master Sword, long before you can fight Canon’s disaster in “Wild Breath.” After Zelda is kidnapped by the Dark Lord “Grahim”, Link has to find his girlfriend. Newly released from the night school you will find gems, complete journeys or the artifacts of the deity. This journey takes you and Link with the help of his cloud bird to “Volkenhart” and other places in the cloud sea beyond the boundaries of his home.

The desolate earth when people fled to paradise before the fight against demons opens up different areas for you, whose site boss guards are waiting for you. In “Wild breath Humans will have to live on Earth again as the “Plain of Hyrulin”.

What improvements should Skyword Sword HD offer?

When “Skyward Sword” first appeared for Week in 2011, fans were already harshly critical of poor motion control. Almost 10 years later, the developers have now improved them. The first way to enjoy the game is through the Joy-Con controller. Operational controls allow you to shoot with a bow and arrow, use a sword or throw grenades. Joy-Khan on the right takes the swing of the sword, while the left can lift the shield and repel the attackers. In addition to this variant, there is also a new button control, which is not yet available on the Wii. It is very suitable for portable mode or switch light.

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In general, the developers are said to have worked actively on the performance of the game. In addition to improved player exercises, general assistance throughout the game has also been improved. This can have a positive impact on the purchase decision, especially for beginners who do not play Skyward Sword. Since no progress has been seen so far from Nintendo, the game is expected to deviate from the original by only a few points.

But even after this experience of the Zelda universe, or even because of it, it will not be enough for one or the other. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2” is eagerly awaited by many. So much can be collected from the official trailers that this journey takes Link and Zelda back to heaven. Dark forces tear Hirol Castle out of the plains and lift it into the air. Could it be a sea of ​​clouds? The instructions for Link’s selection should be his glider, not the cloud bird. With the new ability to walk through walls, one can certainly expect great things from the full scale of the game.