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Skype: The current trial version brings speed boost

Skype: The current trial version brings speed boost

Screwed on Microsoft Skype and updated on its technical basis. Conclusion: Significantly higher work speed.

Microsoft Announced The new trial version for Skype is Looking at the very specific version number, at first it does not seem very exciting, especially since there is only a small optical novelty in this update. But updating the technical molecule electron to version 11 suddenly makes the desktop version much faster than Skype.

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The Electron Framework provides software developers with a convenient way to create HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programs for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This makes it easy to convert existing applications to these three desktop operating systems and allows programmers to use the same code for all three instead of writing three separate programs. So it’s no surprise that technology is behind the desktop versions of some messengers including Signal, WhatsApp, Microsoft teams and Skype. With the update of Skype Molecular Electron to version 11, the speed of the messenger’s work has now been significantly increased. Additionally, Skype starts faster now. Some electron related errors are removed.

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Skype Other discoveries

The optical invention mentioned at the beginning is not important: in group chats, the avatar image of the user who wrote the last message is highlighted. This way you can quickly see who you are from. If this new feature bothers you, you can disable it in the interface settings. There are also improvements to the announcements in iOS 13. A complete list of new features and fixes can be found here Microsoft-forum.

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