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Sivo responds to Spoarina Campadelli: "incomprehensible statements, fulfillment of his other responsibilities"

Sivo responds to Spoarina Campadelli: “incomprehensible statements, fulfillment of his other responsibilities”

Tuesday 24 August 2021 – 6:46 pm – Author: Staff Trivenetocol

The response from the municipality of Verona has come to Luca Campdelli, who said yesterday that D.C.

“Deadline is over – read a note, but nothing has been lost yet. FIGC’s deadline to register for the championship closes today at 12.00 noon. There is a chance.
Mayor Federico Sportina has indeed been working closely with FIGC and its chairman Gabriel Gravina so that all the Clevens football tradition created in recent years will not be lost. Possibility to use art after requesting and receiving in early August. Contact with FIGC, 52 of the Federation’s Internal Institutional Rules, to understand which paths can be followed, even if the registration for this championship has now disappeared.

From the federation, it seemed that if a consistent plan was presented in the coming months, it would be possible to capture Sivo’s title in the National Amateur League from next season.

However, in the immediate future, there is a need and urgency to at least protect the youth sector, which is why Mayor Zivo contacted Sergio Belize, a former footballer who founded the 1929 company. FIGC and as a subsidiary it can play the Third Type Championship and the Provincial Youth Championship.

“I spoke with President Gravina – Mayor Sphorina explains – that I’m not going to do that today, I’s going to do it in the coming months. I must not lose sight of the Belizeans who told me about the Civo 1929 club and the desire to make the municipality competitive to keep the activity of many children who love football.

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“President Campbell’s recent statements are incomprehensible – Sporina adds – I think this is a way to shift his responsibilities to others. He says I have never responded to him and have no relationship with the municipality, but things did not go that way. I was not in Verona because I was replaced by Deputy Mayor Luca Sanoto at the Town Hall, who actually met him on August 12. All the newspapers wrote about the appointment.