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Single view: WhatsApp deletes photos and videos after first opening them

Photos and videos will now be marked within WhatsApp, which can only be opened once by the recipient. The purpose is to increase the sender’s privacy a little without putting everything digital. The receiver saves some storage space.

The name of the new function now available for all Messenger sites is WhatsApp. The editors were able to successfully attempt a single display on the Android, iOS and WhatsApp websites in the Chrome browser for Windows 10.

The new function does exactly what its name implies: photos and videos can only be opened once by the recipient and then removed from the chat history. “Everything we share does not have to be digitally protected for longWhatsApp explains about the new functionality and wants to give users back some sovereignty over their digital tracks.

Send photos and videos separately

Single view can be used for photos and videos taken directly on WhatsApp with selected media via camera function and smartphone gallery. In the title area, the blue “1” with the timer pictogram indicates the availability of the function. After activation, the message that the photo or video will be shared once viewed will appear briefly. The white “1” in the blue circle now indicates that the view is active once. However, once the function is used, multiple photos or videos can no longer be sent at once. On the other hand, if multiple media are selected before implementation, the function is gray.

WhatsApp single view on sender's page

WhatsApp single view on sender’s page

WhatsApp single view on recipient page

WhatsApp single view on recipient page

Single view does not protect against screen shots

Anyone who receives the fact that photos and videos can now only be opened once can not save them permanently with a screen shot or screen shot like WhatsApp Among the frequently asked questions Explained. It also explains that photos or videos sent or received for a single viewing cannot be sent, saved, starred or shared. The sender can see that the photo or video was opened by the recipient only if the recipient has activated the reading receipt. Media not viewed within 14 days will automatically disappear from chat history.

WhatsApp works on multiple device support

WhatsApp announced a one-time view in early June, when multiple device supports were announced. WhatsApp has been testing this since mid-July with selected users as part of a public beta test. It should be gradually expanded, additional functions added and performance improved.

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