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Significantly larger displays up to 32 inches?

Significantly larger displays up to 32 inches?

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Rumors » IMac 2021: Significantly larger displays up to 32 inches?

The upcoming Imax should get significantly bigger shots. One currently well-known leak suggests that the diagonal may break the 30-inch limit. This year, iMac’s first major design update is expected in ten years.

Apple will do IMac (Link-link) will lose significantly larger views in upcoming updates. Well known leak Writes Currently on the short news service Twitter, Apple will provide iMac with the biggest displays ever seen by iMac since 2021.

The new model will follow with a 27-inch display. Meanwhile, another model with an even bigger screen will appear, 30 to 32 inches should be imaginable here. This report is consistent with other predictions made earlier and should be similar to the new iMac Pro Display XTR.

The iMac will be bigger and will be with Apple Silicon in 2021

It has been suspected for some time that Apple will re-release the iMac with the thin edges of the display. This design should be roughly based on the iPod Pro. At the same time, Apple will switch to the new processor developed locally. An iMac with Apple Silicon has already been found in various log files in Apple’s Xcode development environment, as we did in one Previous news Report. It is unclear when Apple will introduce new iMac models and whether it will eventually replace the 21.5-inch iMac. Recently buyers already had initial restrictions, Report. Will be launched in the next few months.

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