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Shows alerts on Microsoft Edge to prevent Google Chrome from downloading

Shows alerts on Microsoft Edge to prevent Google Chrome from downloading

Over the past few months, Microsoft has worked hard to convince you that Edge, its internal web browser, is the best. After displaying ads for your browser on Windows, or deliberately making Windows 11’s more complex settings, Microsoft attempts to prevent you from configuring another browser by default or to open some URLs even after setting a new protocol to block third-party browsers from downloading a third-party browser.

For this, a lot of the Microsoft teams in charge of Edge marketing imagined. When you start asking for Google Chrome on the Edge, via the Bing search engine, the American company displays a large banner explaining that “there is no need to download a new web browser”, while Edge offers a “fast, secure and modern web experience”.

But that’s not all. To the right of Pink’s results pages, Microsoft shows a large self-promotion group about its web browser.

Also, the marketing team does not stand there. For some users who go to the Google Chrome download page, the Edge shows various pop-ups, some of which contain humor:

“Microsoft Edge uses the same technology as Chrome with more confidence in Microsoft”, Or “This browser” so 2008 “! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge.” Was able to read our colleagues from Of Neo By trying to download Chrome from Microsoft Edge.

In its defense, Microsoft is not the only one participating in this playground battle. Google’s tutorial on showing Chrome’s promotional announcements.

Source: Of Neo