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Shawn Layton is still in the hearts of some fans, he appreciates - Nert 4.Life

Shawn Layton is still in the hearts of some fans, he appreciates – Nert 4.Life

Some fans have started to reveal a certain thing, which is a bit controversial with the recent management of Jim Ryan on social media. Nostalgia To the former head of the PlayStation Global Studio Shawn Layton. Dissatisfaction is most evident between those who admire his style and those who regret it as a player.

The direction Sony has taken in recent weeks has been creating some dissatisfaction among hardcore fans. Management Jim RyanIt is, in fact, gradually transforming the PlayStation from Microsoft, Steam or Amazon to try to fight the competition on multiple fronts. To do this, it has opened up the possibility of bringing PlayStation exclusives to PC, but for mobile as well, Sony will soon release a game on the Xbox Game Pass, and will remove the old internal studio Japan Studio.

For this reason, many regret the quiet and elegant style of Sean Layton, the former leader of the gods. PlayStation Global Studios, Who left the company in 2019. From that moment on, Layton has always shown himself to be an attentive and passionate player, especially in the PlayStation world. When Shawn Layton shares the stage with Reggie Fills-Aim, President of Nintendo in the US, and Bill Spencer, President of Xbox, it’s at the heart of the past, and his participation in The Game Awards 2018.

Layton enjoys playing video games in his spare time (especially compared to Ryan’s interest in literature) and his social activism is appreciated by others.