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Shake's Bear Bear removes Lamborghini's door.  Video -

Shake’s Bear Bear removes Lamborghini’s door. Video –

Lamborghini Performance Tested by a Bear. Chandakada does not beat the bull of bolognese

On social networks, we often see intense races featuring cars launched at full speed against other super cars, trains, helicopters, planes. This time the challenge is truly brutal and look A Lamborghini performance Faced a bear. Also, it can be said right away that the Chandakada Bolognese bull will not win.

Dubai Shake Zoo

Humaid Abdullah Albuqaish Sheikh from Dubai. For some unknown reason, the very rich are attracted to both Super car Let it be Exotic animals. Albuquerque is no exception, in fact, it collects both. At the air-conditioned zoo near his mansion – he proudly shows the frustration of animal rights activists on social media – monkeys, snakes, hyenas, lions, tigers …

Dream cars

Rather, it includes its fleet Ferrari, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Porsche and many more Lamborghinis, Including Huracan Performante Who had the misfortune of having a close encounter with one of the recent visitors to the zoo, a. Bear cub. In a video posted on his Instagram profile (thanks to his Scrooge oddities, which has reached nearly 2 million followers), the excited bear can be seen approaching Lambo with obvious attention to jump off the window into the ship. But once it sticks to the door, the hinges give way to its pleasant weight.

Its owner, who was inside the super car, took it well and laughed out loud. Not only that, but – perhaps to comfort him from the immediate fear of finding the door between his feet – he gives the bear a basket of apples. Of course, he served in the hood of the loser.

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November 26, 2021 (November 26, 2021 change | noon 12:52)