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SFR Actus

SFR Fiber: Your web box is free for € 16 to 2 months per month!

Good deals know there is no retirement in SFR! The operator publishes an exceptional advertisement for all its new customers: 2 months free for any subscription to the most high speed internet box package. Prices start at just $ 16 a month and you have no reason to increase a gear!

Free for 2 months with SFR Fiber Plan

Farewell Regression And instability! 50 times faster than ADSL, Optical Fiber not only allows you to browse the web faster, but also allows you to download and stream all content with a single flash, even if there are many of you sharing the link within the same content. At speeds of up to 2GB for download and up to 500MB / s for sending, the SFR Fiber Power package with SFR Box 8 thus meets all the applications of a large family with very different applications: teleworking, video conferencing, online games, chat , TV shows or streaming …

To benefit from home fiber, all you need to do is check if your home is connected, thank you Eligibility test. Is this the case? That’s right, because at the moment, SFR offers you 2 months free of charge for any subscription to the boxed THD package, with prices starting at 16 € / 12 per month (with 12 month commitment):


Download speeds up to 1GB / V, unlimited calls to landslides in France, 160 channels and TV service:

  • SFR BOX 7 to 16 / month for 12 months, then 38 / month
  • SFR BOX 8 to 26 / month for 12 months, then 45 / month
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Download speeds up to 2GB / V, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, 200 channels and TV services:

  • SFR BOX 7 to 22 / month for 12 months, then 43 / month
  • SFR BOX 8 to 32 / month for 12 months, then 50 / month

Browse at full speed! To find out all the different fiber offers, go ahead SFR Online Store.