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Seven Minute Game for Sonic Frontiers - News

Seven Minute Game for Sonic Frontiers – News

This is the IGN site that broadcasts the first minutes of the game provided by Sega. Sonic explores a large part of the background to depressing music that is far removed from the atmosphere of popular family films released in 2020 and 2022, or from the quiet carefree attitude that characterizes most of the time. Draw distance and conventional mechanics allow Sonic to pick up speed, between rails placed everywhere. Bumpers.

If we can only appreciate the sense of freedom and freshness due to the lack of any interface or other artificial reference on the screen (obviously, we can expect the presentation to be less when the game gets in hand), the art movement, on the other hand, seems to have little color and no luminosity. The question of taste, which does not apply to some technological innovation, still reveals a lot of shortcomings, especially in the delayed display of certain components.

In all cases, Sonic borders Seka’s logo comes at a time when it has never received much prominence. According to recently released statistics, Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle mobile game April 2022 was its best month, it was released in 2017, it is not really talked about anymore. You don’t have to be a qualified analyst to understand that the game has benefited from the film’s launch Sound2, Which recently broke its previous record and grossed over $ 380 million at the box office. At the same time, Netflix is ​​preparing to browse the blue event with the animated series. Sonic Prime. Nostalgia may always return to the Sonic Origins collection coming later this month.

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