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Setting in Mexico Already revealed in the Xbox Series X Trailer?  -

Setting in Mexico Already revealed in the Xbox Series X Trailer? –

Forza Harrison5 Not yet announced, but rumors about it are already following each other, preferring a recent trendOrganization Mentioned game Mexico, Some believe it could have really been Published for several months, Precisely from the first Xbox Series X presentation trailer.

Apparently this is a theory put together by activists, but the idea is not entirely crazy, we have seen rumors based on less solid foundations. Although Microsoft has not yet stated its presence, according to a line of thinking supported by various media and locals, Forza Horizon 5 should be offered in E3 2021.

Other sources, including Jeff Grupp, inevitably argue that Forza Horizon 5’s system must have been Mexico, which may lay a very interesting basis. Racing game open world With playground games, consider the various scenarios that the State of Central America can offer.

Possible confirmations about the new system have emerged in recent days, but there are always weak traces, including this new interpretation, which makes it very attractive because it is a Video We have all seen it before.

If this is true, you may have seen Microsoft Force Horizon 5 For more than a year, Without us realizing it: Popular presentation trailer, as reported by Generation Xbox Xbox Series X. (Mentioned above), the Sports Awards 2020 is set to be a surprise, with the video for Forza Horizon 5 in Mexico ranging from 0:40 to 0:50 per minute.

In fact, in those moments we see the cactus, a rocky desert and then the mountains, all of which may be common features of Mexico. These are not game footage, of course, but since it is a “concept trailer”, it may have some suggestion that the game is actually in development, because in fact it would have been if Forza Horizon 5 had been delivered next month Already in development At that point, at least in the early stages. In short, take all of this as a simple rumor, but this time the game may have been “hidden”, but it’s certainly spectacular in the sunlight.

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