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July Indie highlights Check out recent releases for the Nintendo Switch system

September Indie highlights recent indie games for the Nintendo Switch system

Indie Highlights! Check out the indie games that have recently entered the Nintendo Switch system.

Tons of great independent games (also known as Indies) are coming to the Nintendo Switch system every month. Below, you will find some recent releases.

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Happy gaming, everyone!


When magic is forbidden, it’s up to you to resist the iron grip of the vouchers and get back what is yours. Build your warship, combine elements and surpass your rivals as you enter the ever-evolving world with chapter updates.

AVICII Inverter:

The AVICII Inverter, created in collaboration with the late superstar DJ, is a pulse-pounding, phrenetic rhythm-action experience. Vocal melody flies, wipe out every fade and attack every beat of AVICII’s 25 biggest hits including Global Chart Toppers: “Without You,” “Wake Me Up,” and “Lay Me Down”.


As the immortal prince of the underworld, you will use the powers of Olympus and the mythical weapons to free yourself from the clutches of the god of the dead. Make the story stronger and more intense with each escape attempt.

Bake: n:

Something is growing in the world of Fla- contagious mold is back! When the world breaks down, the ancient guardians wake up from their sleep… but they are hungry. Very hungry. Catch, merge and sacrifice creatures that are difficult to gain popularity with caregivers.

Going down:

Failed businesses no longer exist — they sink to the ground as they curse their employees into turning into halls monsters. As an unpaid intern, it is your duty to save these monsters from their troubles and recapture their possessions so that your owner can buy a new car or something.

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Unrailed !:

Unrailed! A collaborative multiplayer * game, where you work with your friends to build train tracks in endlessly systematically produced worlds. Learn random encounters with residents, upgrade your train and keep track.