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Season Boss revealed by a leak, free rewards are less than half -

Season Boss revealed by a leak, free rewards are less than half –

Hollow is infinite Available in single player and multiplayer modes in December. The latter will be released for free to play, and as a result, a Season pass To get new content. Now, a leak has revealed it and lets find out that the free version offers rewards of less than half of the available levels.

As you can see for yourself in the picture below, the season pass will be divided into 120 levels. As is common to the genre, Hollow Infinite proposes Free rewards And paid rewards. Freebies, as you can see, are less than half. In particular, there are 17 rewards in the form of items and a full series of rewards in the form of reposts.

Hollow Infinite Season Boss came true

The Rewards The real ones are all in the paid version. This is not very surprising, but anyway, some players may be dissatisfied with what 343 Industries has to offer with the Hollow Infinite Season Pass. However, keep in mind that what is reported is the result of a rumor, not official information. The information may be partial and the final details of the pass have not yet been added.

We are waiting for news from the developers and we invite you to read our latest article: Hollow Infinite Technology Preview, a song for beta’s latest action fun.

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