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ScummVM turns 20 and celebrates the event with 2.5.0 -

ScummVM turns 20 and celebrates the event with 2.5.0 –

ScummVMThe software, developed in 2001 by Ludwig Strizius, a computer science student, was developed yesterday 20 years, Celebrates an important event with the launch Version 2.5.0, Which introduces some important discoveries.

It was Westwood Studios’ plan to re-run Blade Runner a few years ago that, in general, contributed to the basic way of preserving the best classics, allowing them into one movement. Virtual machine On any modern computer.

Originally created to support only titles created using LucasArts’ SCUMM application, ScummVM evolved over time and opens up many more games. Version 2.5.0 Compatible with 2.5D titles.

Here is a list of products included with ScummVM compatibility:

  • Grim Fondango
  • Very long journey
  • Mist 3: Deportation
  • Small big achievement
  • Red Guys 1: Save the Galaxy
  • Red Guys 2: For great justice
  • Transylvania
  • Crimson crown
  • OO-Topos
  • Glulx’s interactive fiction style games
  • Investigator
  • AGS games in 2.5+ versions
  • Knightlong: Union City plot
  • Journeyman Project 2: Buried in a timely manner
  • Crusaders: No regrets
  • El-Jon
  • Spaceship Warlock

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