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Science fiction truth for Harvard professor: "Aliens have arrived"

Science fiction truth for Harvard professor: “Aliens have arrived”

Then Reports by Heim Ashett, Israel’s former head of space defense is also coming Harvard Professor To support the study of the existence of extraterrestrials.

Space tourists will already be there Came to earth in 2017, According to Professor Avi Lope. The reference to an unidentified object (nicknamed Omuvamura) that appeared during that period caught the attention of the most curious. The author expresses his beliefs in the book Extraterrestrial: The first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth, The material would have been accordingly The first sign sent to us by the audience aliens.

What would have happened if a caveman had seen a cell phone? Having seen the stones all his life, he would have thought of a bright stone. Some people don’t want to discuss that there are some other civilizations, they believe we are special and unique. I believe A prejudice we must abandon“, He said in an interview New York Post.

According to Loeb, this will put things in perspective and increase awareness as a species, reducing waste of resources and climate change. Even Ridley Scott believes in aliens They claim to have created us.

What do you think? Are there other forms of life? After all, have they already reached us? One thing is for sure, it’s time to go back Destroy a humans with Geocare.