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Samsung Remote is not exhausted

New Telecommunications Samsung Ego Remote Linked to the latest range The latest generation TV offered in Ces 2022 It can do without the classic batteries for operation because it can not only receive energy from sunlight or artificial light, but also save Radio waves are transmitted from the WiFi router around the house, Converting it into electricity for daily use.

The TV remote control is one of the home appliances that uses less electricity, but it is enough to multiply the small amount of energy spent every day by millions of televisions around the world to get important statistics consumed every day. . For this reason, Samsung has decided to systematically eliminate completely avoidable waste with modern solutions and after the implementation of the solar panel in 2021 here is a Often overlooked by a new energy source, So called Radio Frequency Harvesting.

The basic idea is very simple and has been in use for many years now, for example getting the power it needs from RFID type tags / identifiers. Radio frequency electromagnetic spectral signals They are usually scattered in the surrounding environment. As for the EGO remote control, these are waves generated by a WiFi router for wireless connection to the Internet, which are now present in most homes or workplaces. The perfect solution for TV remote controls, Will require less energy, so will always be charged.

Not to mention that the main charging source will be a panel that can generate electricity from both sunlight and artificial light, while the classic cable charging of the battery is always available in emergency situations, especially via USB Type-C. . Eco Remote is made from recycled materials Also available in black and white, it integrates a microphone for voice commands and quick keys to unlock apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Samsung TV Plus, while (for a while) no number. Buttons.

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