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Samsung has released its new photo sensor Isocell 2.0

Samsung has released its new photo sensor Isocell 2.0

With Isocell 2.0, Samsung fixes one of the major drawbacks of its photo sensor and allows it to collect more light.

After many generations of its popular photo sensor Isocell, Samsung has released its version 2.0, relax … Isocell 2.0. Introduced in 2013 on the Samsung Galaxy S7, this technology has allowed the company to get out of the game on the side of photography on a smartphone. The uniqueness of this sensor lies in its PSI (rear side glowing) design, whose reflection barriers are placed between each pixel to prevent light leakage, thus reducing light pollution between each pixel by almost 30%. The problem is that while these popular barriers reduce light pollution between pixels, they are not fully reflected, which actually causes light loss within the sensor.

To make up for this shortcoming, Samsung has found a solution. Already, with the launch of Isocell Plus 2018, its partnership has helped design a new material with less metal, thus absorbing less light, but as Samsung progresses further with Isocell 2, its barriers are no longer entirely made of a new material with no metal. As a result, the company has a sensor that combines both of Isocell’s enormous advantages in terms of isolation between pixels, but these barriers that allow this no longer include any light loss.

Therefore, Isocell 2.0 should capture more light than before, and as we know, more light can enter a sensor, and the output image will be better. In short, this means that Samsung can amplify pixels without losing light. This invention, coupled with the latest mobile chips capable of handling more and more pixels, only serves the future of smartphone photography, and will allow the Korean company to steal the top spot from Sony. Undeniable leader category in smartphone photo sensor… but whose dominance is increasingly competing Samsung.

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