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Samsung expands TV Plus to its smartphones and tablets - Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung expands TV Plus to its smartphones and tablets – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Popular on Samsung TVs, this app can now be used on the go

The Samsung TV Plus, one of the best apps on Samsung smart TVs on the Galaxy Store and Google Play, is now also available for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The app offers instant access to 90 free channels for Galaxy device users, without the use of any records, subscriptions or additional devices.

According to one The latest report from Samsung Ads Advertising-based, free streaming services, called AVOD, are becoming popular on Samsung TVs. While usage time in January 2020 was 23 percent of total TV time, it has already risen to 29 percent by the end of the year. In line with this development, Samsung is expanding its TV Plus range, making viewers want their time to be spent – not only on TV, but also on smartphones and tablets.

The Samsung TV Plus is available to owners of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, starting immediately in Germany and the UK. During the year, the offer will be extended to other European markets.

The broader audience of active users already accessing the service via their Samsung Smart TV is being expanded to include more target group. Since the successful launch of the service on smartphones and tablets in the United States last September, it is now the turn of Samsung users in Europe.

Download the app and get started right away

Users of Galaxy smartphones and tablets have access to comprehensive high-quality content, all of which they can enjoy for free – including various programs and channels that are constantly updated. The Samsung TV Plus is already available in 17 countries on all Samsung Smart TV models built after 2016.

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Even easier with Samsung Free

From April 28, the service will also be available through the new Samsung free app. With a swipe to the right, users can read messages, play games and watch TV Plus highlights from the home screen, making it easy to access their favorite shows. It has been upgraded to Samsung Free ROS and is already installed on all Galaxy smartphones after 2020. Many older models can be downloaded to the Samsung Free directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

“We put users and their needs at the center of everything we do. The introduction of the Samsung TV Plus on smartphones and tablets in Germany and Europe will help us deliver exciting content to audiences,” says Gerrit Powell, direct head of Samsung Electronics Consumer Division in Germany, whether they like it or not. We want to give them a chance. “

You can watch the video for the campaign Here.