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Rumor has it that the PlayStation Plus will run in June 2021, with a Star Wars game and 2 new releases planned

Rumor has it that the PlayStation Plus will be available in July 2022

New formulas of PlayStation Plus Have now been launched In all planned areas, but that does not really change Subscribers, even if they are members, will benefit from the many games offered each month Essential, Extra Where Premium. That’s next week Sony Interactive Entertainment The products that follow this must be officially reported Feed planBut as always, Leaks have appeared on the internetAnd this time very soon.

Is to remain unchanged Phil Kun The person who shared the list of three games that will be available to subscribers next month, in other words, there is a good chance that this will be proven. We can enjoy the horror game of Priory Supermassive games The Dark Pictures: Man of MadonnaOf Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time Stage enthusiasts andArcadiazepineThe asymmetrical multiplayer game developed by IllFonic is released at one o’clock Game level Available for initial access last July and immediately. Want to see the immediate announcement of its release in version 1.0, and why not during the new presentation?

Another interesting fact, members Extra And Premium Already entitled The Dark Pictures: Man of Madonna In their table, and Can be utilized வழிதவறி When released in JulyGood exchange of one-time processes.

Gift cards PlayStation Plus There are Is for sale Amazon If necessary.

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