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Rumor has it that the Nintendo Switch Pro has a mini-LED display

Rumor has it that the Nintendo Switch Pro has a mini-LED display

A better display might attract even more gamers to the Nintendo Switch.

Arica Garcia / CNET

Nintendo’s next-generation Switch, Switch Pro, isn’t out until next year, but it may have new mini-LED displays as soon as it arrives. New technology Is said Supplied by Taiwanese Group Manufacturer Innolax Corporation.

Mini-LED technology is intended to enhance contrast ratios and create deeper blacks compared to incandescent LCD panels with conventional LEDs. Technology will also appear last year DCL’s 8-Series TV. Basically, small lights mean the end Excellent image quality – Makes your screen more colorful, brighter and sharper.

A better fit for visual reports Other rumors we heard about the new device, 48 hours battery life and 4K increase.

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If Nintendo chooses to use Innolox Corporation, this indicates a potential gap from major Japanese manufacturers such as Sharp and Japan Display Corporation (JDI).

CNET has approached Nintendo for feedback and will update when we ask again.

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