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RPG Bethesda - New images are said to have leaked from the old framework of

RPG Bethesda – New images are said to have leaked from the old framework of

Starfield Seems to show itself once again Images leaked online Somehow, reunited The old building is pre-2018 So, according to what happened before, it does not correspond to the current state of the game.

They seem simpler than the actual screenshots Property As we have seen in the events leading up to the presentation of E3 2021, this case will be used to create some elements of the published context. Reddit at this address, So one source is exactly unbelievable.

Starfield, a kind of dome leaked online

Starfield, two situational component assets
Starfield, two situational component assets

So they appear to be ready-made films, which are related to the construction of the game and are clearly dated, which are simply explored by being “pieces” of landscapes.

However, if they are true, they can still help to give an idea Style Bethesda used to create this new space RPG: as the developers themselves have declared, Starfield follows a style called “NASABunk” because it is based on some realistic elements of science based on space technologies, but interprets them entirely in science. – Way to.

In this way, one can expect a certain reality in the representation of technical elements such as the dome of interest mentioned in these films, but the distractions can be stated more clearly. Science fiction We can expect from different elements of the classical, the worlds referred to.

At the official view, we recently saw a new work of art, which shows the exploration of mysterious caves, and now there is also an active page on Steam, which seems to have no dubbing in Italian. For the rest, we remind you that the release is set for November 22, 2022.

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