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Roberto drops Laura and returns to charge with Marina, but ...

Roberto drops Laura and returns to charge with Marina, but …

Let’s take a look at the previews of the episode Un Posto Al Sol on 22 June 2021. In the episodes of the episode that aired on Roy 3, Roberto no longer wants to know about Laura and wants to prevent Marina from leaving Naples.

Let’s find out together Improvements of A place in the sun For that Betting 22 June 2021. InChapter Broadcast at 20.45 Roy3, Raphael e Arnella I I care so much about Patricio And His love life. Looks like the guy But still Finally found a balance With Clara e Both are ready to be serious. Alberto continued very badly a Take a look at Curcio’s life e Do not leave her alone. Roberto decided to download Laura Now Its sole purpose Is Convince Miruna not to leave Naples. Giordano However, it does have some Very different ideas in mind. In the meantime Visit to Vittorio There is Subject to testing The The relationship between Hope and Samuel.

Expectations A place in the sun: Rafael and Arnella curious about Patricio

The Relationship status of Patrician He starts Seriously worried Raphael and Arnella. Giordanos fear that their beloved son will completely lose his bearings and that things will get worse after Rosella leaves. The two try to help him as much as possible, but the boy seems to have finally found his way. The Improvements of A place in the sun Over there Reveal Really that The relationship between him and Clara There is Improving day by day. Curcio annihilated Alberto, Makes it understandable to him There is no purpose beyond that of Give him other possibilities. Instead there is Federico’s mother Decided to make it more serious The His relationship with Patricio, We can say for sure that finding the necessary peace is not easy Palladini does not appear to want to resign a Get out of his life.

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Roberto drops Laura and returns to charge with Marina on 22 June 2021 in anticipation of Ann Posto Al Sol

Laura took a risk In fact Dense. The Peter is crazy I actually put her in a very difficult situation, but no matter what happens, Failure a Ferry takes his side. Roberto has other goals Mind and Has decided to download it permanently. Manager Has caused a terrible suspicion in the Navy. In fact, he told her He will never find happiness from Naples And hope that his words will represent. The Improvements of A place in the sun Over there Reveal That Trying everything for everything Per Convince his ex-wife a Do not leave It is Don’t go back to Fabregio. But the woman from Upas seems to have very different ideas in mind. How do things change?

Ann Posto Al Soul Expectations: I hope to be in crisis again due to Vittorio

Hope She flirted with Vittorio, now confirming that Del Pue was not interested in her. For this he had Decided to give a ‘Opportunity for Samuel Since he met her, He never stopped loving her. Between two boys Things seemed to be going right and something was created Great music. மா Return to Vicky Beef In the city Replace cards. The Improvements of A place in the sun Over there Reveal That Start young alder a Question his choices It will suffer Poor Piccirlo, Which, perhaps, should Do it again!

Find out Weekly Previews of Ann Posto Al Sol from 21st to 25th June 2021

A place in the sun Broadcast every day Monday to Friday Its Roy3 All 20.45.

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