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Robert Hollock answers questions about Gen4

Robert Hollock answers questions about Gen4

During a live broadcast on Thursday, May 26, AMD Technology Marketing Director Robert Holak answered a number of questions about the Gen4 processors.

Gen 4: Performance? PDT? RDNA2?

When ComputerAMD took the opportunity to release new information about their next Gen 4 architecture to be used by the Ryzen 7000.

Double L2 cache and higher frequency than 5 GHz (AMD shown a Sports 5.5 GHz increase with 16-core Gen 4), future Raison offers more than 15% efficiency Single thread Compared to the 5950X (not the 5800X3D referred to as AMD’s fastest CPU).

That being said, there were many more questions, some of which were clarified at one point To live Channels Youtube with Robert Hall Hot hardware And PC World With one Interview By TechPowerUp.

AMD Raison 7000

So the Ryzen 7000s is well established with a maximum of 16 cores Key number We have to wait for the next generation. In single-core performance, numbers, “he reiterates.Conservative”And we should expect higher frequencies during output, and the declared performance in multi-core (below R23 for single core) will be more than 40%!

On the TDP side, Robert Hollock wanted to come back to it, because of the confusion created by the TDP and PPT used by AMD. TDP is actually 170W with 230W PPT for AM5 (105 and 142 for AM4 operating system).

As for the RDNA2 IGPU attached to the IoT of each Ryzen 7000, the characteristics are the same across all CPUs. This addition does not kill the APU limit, which is intended to provide decent graphics performance for video games, while for the sole purpose of being able to do without the GPUs for the Raison 7000 display, Encryption Install video, drivers.

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A dozen questions were answered during this interview and we invite you to watch the video to see all the answers.