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Remove Adobe Flash Player from Mac and Windows for security reasons

Remove Adobe Flash Player from Mac and Windows for security reasons

Adobe Reminds You of Uninstalling Flash Player for the security of all Windows and Mac users. Support is no longer guaranteed and malicious updates will be feared in the coming weeks.

PC and Mac security at risk due to flash (Image from

As announced some time ago, on January 1, 2021 Flash Player retired For a few days already Adobe Started notifying users Uninstall the application for security issue Windows and Mac. In fact, support is only guaranteed until Tuesday, January 12, and there are fears that future self-styled updates may actually cover up Malware.

For this reason, anyone who uses Flash can get (or already have) Reminder signed by Adobe You “It is strongly recommended that you uninstall Flash Player now Click the Uninstall button below ”, without waiting for it to stop working automatically before the middle of the month.

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How to remove Adobe Flash Player from Windows and Mac

Remove Apple Logo Flash Installation
Uninstaller and download for Flash on Mac (Image from

It has to be said that Adobe is not the only one that has been widely announced Flash From January 1st, but that too Apple, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox e Windows They have abandoned the use of the player in their respective browsers for many years, preferring the latest standards like this Html5, WebGL e Website, For their compatibility and their effectiveness – in particular Gaming.

Finally, it seems like Adobe’s biggest concern, Flash has always been a breeding ground. I am an internet criminal. You will definitely remember the frequent flash update messages. Here, cyber criminals tried to mix in this crowd of pop-ups to trick users into downloading Malicious software On their computers.

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To guide you Uninstall secure installation Adobe Site takes care of Flash directly. Let’s see what procedure to follow Windows:

If the normal control panel uninstallation fails, you will need to download one Uninstall From Adobe support. Then, close browsers and other applications that use Flash. Executable e

1-Copy and paste C: Windows System32 Macromate Flash At the command line

2-Delete all the files in the opening folder

Perform the process with the 3-folder C: Windows Sisov 64 Macromate Flash
% appdata% Adobe Flash Player
% appdata% Macromedia Flash Player

4-Restart the system

5-Check the status of the flash al Link provided by Adobe Support

Such as MacUninstall Flash from applications using the Uninstall buttonInstant Manager Application. To clean the remaining files, you can use one Program Cleaner and i Contrast CCleaner, CleanMyMacX or MacCleaner Pro.