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Release date on the system, this is not a simple update -

Release date on the system, this is not a simple update –

Metro Exodus developers have announced that it will be available soon Updated version of Metro Exodus It “utilizes the power of radiation tracking-enabled GPUs and provides incredible visual enhancement.” Release date of this new version May 6, 2021. It is available in free form to all owners of the original version on Steam, Epic Game Store, Nice Old Games and Microsoft Store.

The updated version of Metro Exodus brings new radiation detection capabilities, including enhanced reflections, support for DLSS 2.0 on Nvidia hardware, and improved universal lighting in the original version. Run this version So it is imperative to have a graphics card that supports radiation trajectory: It cannot be disabled.

The updated version of Metro Exodus is actually one New separate version of the original game, not an update. Save data from the epic game store, Steam and GOG version of the basic game in the updated version of Metro Exodus. The Microsoft Store version, on the other hand, does not allow storage because the encryption is encrypted on the cloud.

The updated version of All Metro Exodus includes a chapter-opening feature for PC versions and those on the next gen console, a position for gamers who do not want to play again but want to experience new features at a given time. This feature provides a basic set of tools and resources at the beginning of the selected chapter. When you activate the unlock feature, those storage purposes will be disabled.

The upgraded version of Metro Exodus weighs in at 80GB. Xbox Series X | The development team says more information about the S and PS5 versions will be shared later.

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PS5 and Xbox Series X | We remind you that the Metro Exodus for S is classified.