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Regfest – New competition and car pack number 10 is now available

Super Truck Showdown Competition and Off-Road Car Pack is now available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! In this event, stadium super trucks meet on asphalt and off-road tracks. The new epic track, Rottlesnake Racepark, is set against a backdrop of steep jumps, technologically curved scenes and majestic mountains to real super truck tracks.

Das Car Pack # 10 Akka Das Off-Road Car Bag

Add three off-road vehicles to your garage!

Troops: This American legend is enduring and a reliable companion in off-road hell.
Trophy Runner: This specially built super truck was originally a working vehicle in Asia, but now it does its job on dirt slopes without complaint.
Sandstorm: This big machine eats dirt like never before and shines on roadways with tight curves!

The Tenth DLC Pack is part of Season Pass 2.

Season Boss 2 Store Links

Xbox One:
PlayStation 4 EU:

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