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Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV Skip 2021, a New Call at Christmas - Nert 4. Life

Reducing players in PVP to 5v5 worries pro players –

Overwatch 2 It will bring many changes compared to the first chapter, some of which have been announced so far, but some Care, Especially among pro players, The PVP reduction In ranks Five players.

We have seen new Overwatch 2 game videos about new maps and methods presented for the second episode, including maps of Rome and Monte Carlo, but in many positive and interesting news, size reduction Players were allowed to play in the PVP It seems to have been obtained in a controversial way.

Overwatch 2 introduces 5v5 PVP, reduces player numbers and worries about pro players

It is mainly concerned with the area Professional players, Which is likely to face a general overhaul of the teams: Currently, TheOverwatch League It focuses on matches between two teams with 6 players each, but by switching to Overwatch 2 the total number of players in the game can only be 10.

This is not a minor novelty as you might think, in fact it is likely that a general reshuffle will lead to the first moment of chaos as a team suddenly decides to reduce the amount of players allowed in the game, so it happens. Among the overwatch pro players.

The classic panel system in the current 2-2-2 format should be a must Newspaper, With a different classification of character classes between tanks, attack and support, with a specific opportunity to see Cut the rows of tanks, It depends on the balance, players and the design of the maps.

On Twitter, The Reactions Overwatch pro players vary, but almost everyone agrees that the reduction of these players in the game will inevitably be reflected in the reduction of many players from their roles. While some argue that the action is clean and easy to follow, still others criticize Blizzard’s choice, and some say it was only made to save money on the Overwatch League system.

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