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(Re)-discover Smart'Flore trails all summer long!  — Della Botanica

(Re)-discover Smart’Flore trails all summer long! — Della Botanica

At your leisure, discover and enjoy the flora around you thanks to the 250 botanical trails identified by the Smart’Flore mobile application.

Liquidbar orientalis Plant. By Denis Nespoulous CC BY-SA Tela Botanica

Smart’Flore invites you to learn about botany in a fun way to explore and identify the plants around you.


Download the app and select the nearest botanical trail. Guide you through the app to discover plants, their properties and uses.

l’Mobile application Smart’Flore makes it possible Visit Digital Botany Trails and D’Explore the plants around you It’s only available on Android to date, but a new version for all operating systems (Android and iOS) will be available before the end of the year!

Create your own Smart’Flore path!

The development of the Smart’Flore device and mobile application is supported by the French Biodiversity Office.

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