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Ragnarok, Netiz's Triple A Action RPG - Nerdu 4. Life New Trailer

Ragnarok, Netiz’s Triple A Action RPG – Nerdu 4. Life New Trailer

Project: Ragnarok Returns to show itself New trailer, Which allows you to see some interesting new scenes Action RPG Triple A di NetEase, Aims to integrate different aspects that go from strategy to MMORPG.

Announced last year with a trailer that sparked considerable interest, it is a cross-game game between PC and mobile platforms, so it will give a slightly different view to the various sites in question.

As the title suggests, the project: Ragnarok should be mentioned Nordic mythological tradition, Although the style seems to restart the filtered imagination from a purely Oriental perspective. However, it is about a world devastated by a series of wars of nine different races, actually trying to fight against extinction, or indeed Ragnarok.

The game comes with one Open world The walls will be characterized by wide open spaces for free movement, as shown by the visible game footage in the trailer, with the possibility of climbing, jumping in the vacuum, flying and gliding.

For the rest, the project: no further explanations about Ragnarok, but we will eagerly follow any information from Netizen about this open world action RPG, which seems to have been imposed for now PC, Android and iOS.

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