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Put this flower on the window!  Even in winter everything is very colorful

Put this flower on the window! Even in winter everything is very colorful

There is only one way to give your window a little color: Choose to plant this flower that will give you the best even in winter.

If there is one Plant Recommended Winter That’s for sure Cyclamino, the right type of flower for i Autumn and winter months. Famous for him Bright colors, As well as aesthetics, it has a lot Resistance At cold temperatures.
Cyclamen blooms in early autumn until summer, can be divided into different types 2 macro groups:Wild Cyclamen And that From the mug. If we have a terrace or garden we can enrich them by planting these incredible flowers, but first get to know them well.

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Cold-resistant flower

Color your winter with this flower (photo by Uki_71 from Pixabay)

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Wild Cyclamen: Flowers that grow in the open and are characterized by pink flowers that are ideal for giving color and life to our lawn. This is a protected type, in fact cutting them is strictly prohibited. To plant them, you need to find a good shade and keep them away from drafts.

Pot Cyclamen: Unlike woods, they have large flowers that tolerate low temperatures better, in fact they are perfect for decorating our homes and our balconies. It is important to keep them away from radiators and protect them from sunlight. Depending on their resistance, they are comfortable at temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees. They do not need much water but need a layer of soil which contains a certain amount of peat and a sand.

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In particular, the most cold-resistant type Cyclamen Coom. It may have 2 different origins, one coming from Europe and the other from Asia Minor. It is made up of pink or white flowers that are born from December to March. This is the perfect breed for gardens.

As for more “home” species, we have Persicum cyclamenIt blooms throughout the fall and winter and is best planted in pots. It can reach a height of 20 cm.