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PS5, DualSense slip worsens: iFixit analysis

PS5, DualSense slip worsens: iFixit analysis

In recent weeks, dualSense has been the subject of heated debate on the web, thanks to new-generation features such as haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli. In fact, reports Problems with the PlayStation 5 controller.

For those who do not know, the word slip is recognized Problem related to analog sticks, Records the input even though it does not tilt under certain conditions. As the game progresses, the problem is that the characters are constantly moving and the cameras are moving without direct action from the players. It was revealed during the investigation conducted by Kotaku The defect is covered by the warranty, But players must send at their own expense. Sony has not yet released an official statement, while the US law firm has already advertised one Class action for the dualSense slip problems of the PS5.

There is an iFixit YouTube channel that specializes in evaluating the internal components of different types of devices, with the purpose of plotting and clarifying it. DualSense is fragmented, Makes some significant discoveries. According to the author of the analysis, these problems are predictable because, despite its next-gen properties, sticks The PlayStation 5 uses controller components From the shelf, Which is instantly and cheaply Sony’s lack of customization.

The Japanese giant is certainly not the first company to use them: the same joystick modules are made by Alps and have a long history of malfunctions behind them. They are installed on the Elite from DualShock 4, Xbox One controller, Switch Pro controller and 150 and pass euros. The company claims a specific lifespan (2 million cycles per potentometer and 500,000 presses of the middle button). As iFixit demonstrates in the video, so does Sony These particular controller components are very difficult to adjust. The analysis highlights different wear parts and malfunctions, and argues that slip problems They cannot help in the future, but cannot multiply. More details can be found in the video attached at the beginning of the news.

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