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Privacy applications must be downloaded by 2020, Technology News

Privacy applications must be downloaded by 2020, Technology News

The internet is a fantastic place, but there are many dangers. Since net neutrality is pi-pi and has been changing over the years, it is important to keep yourself and your identity safe online when needed. Protecting our privacy does not hurt as data goes digital throughout our lives. With trackers, cookies and walnuts, this is becoming increasingly difficult. But there is a way to keep yourself safe online. We recommend privacy applications that help you browse the web freely and securely

1. Signal (Android, iOS)

There are plenty of messaging apps out there, each claiming to be super safe for its users. There are WhatsApp, Telegram and many more.

But if you are looking for a secure messenger application that has good approvals, choose Signal.

Signal protects your text, voice messages and even video with end-to-end encryption. This bit of signal has been found to be useful for protesters to protect their identities.

The use of open source has received approval from Amnesty International, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Mozilla and the US military.

The application is free.

2. Door (Android)

Even Google Chrome’s incognito mode does not do what you think when it comes to anonymous web browsing. But by using Dora, you can get very close to the real anonymity on the web.

Door Browser is available for free download on your desktop.

Whether you want to keep your web browser a secret for your work or security or companies do not want to keep track of you when you browse the web, Door Browser is for you. It is available for Android, but not currently for iOS.

3. Onion Browser (iOS)

If you want to browse the web anonymously and cannot download the Door Browser, you do not have an Android phone. Onion Browser does the same trick for iOS.

Onion browsers offer three levels of protection (gold, silver and bronze)

4. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (Android, iOS)

Tuck Tuck Go has become very popular in this category because of its ease of use. This does not prevent some of your browsing habits like Door Browser, but provides good protection from trackers of a particular website.

It automatically blocks third-party trackers and forces websites to use an encrypted (highly secure) link when available.

5. Proton Mail (Android, iOS)

Proton Mail allows users to encrypt their emails and then self-delete them, so that they do not spend too much time in your recipient’s inbox and allow crawlers to retrieve information.

Proton Mail works similarly to Gmail, but allows users to place extra security on their emails.

6. Haven (Android)

Do you want to prevent unwanted people from sneaking into your phone when you are not around? Haven for you.

Haven turns your phone into a motion-sensitive camera. It can also detect light, sound and vibrations.

So if someone enters your house while you are walking. Haven will not only find it, but also send you pictures of that person.