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Premier Mark McGowan urges visitors to download the new G2G Now app No hotel restrictions for Victorian arrival in WA

Premier Mark McGowan urges visitors to download the new G2G Now app No hotel restrictions for Victorian arrival in WA

From the same day, additional restrictions on people coming from New South Wales will be lifted. This means that the current conditions that apply to states and territories other than Victoria now apply to the NSW.

Premier Mark McGowan said people coming to WA should download the new ‘G2G Now’ app, which will allow people to remotely check when they are in self-custody.

McGowan said the app was the first of its kind nationally.

Attitudes are improving significantly in Victoria, but a careful approach is still needed, he said.

“We have come so far in our COVID journey, we do not want all our efforts … to be in vain,” he said.

The government announced a tough border rule in July based on the advice of the Chief Health Officer with the fast-growing cases in the East.


The WA reduced the exemptions available to people coming from Victoria to slow the flow and forced traffic to be confined to a hotel at their own expense.

Shortly afterwards, Mr. McGowan strengthened the measures for the people of the other two states and reduced the list of exemptions for people coming from the NSW.

“We recognize that these actions are very tough … I thank everyone for their commitment in doing the right thing,” Mr McGowan said Tuesday.

Mr McGowan said the measures were successful in protecting Western Australians, adding that the tough border was still one of the most effective measures.

WA has now spent 171 days without community transmission.

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“It’s in WA, life has actually returned to normal,” Mr McGowan said.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said police have completed about 50,000 detention checks since the measures were introduced.

The G2G Now app uses facial recognition data to identify where a person is in real time, and allows police resources to be freed up to focus on other things, even if the police are still personally checking people.

McGowan said stopping the hotel blockade requirements was an important step, but the state government was nowhere near ready to think about a date to lift the state border.

He believes the international border should also be in place.

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