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Pre-orders include a unique bonus in Japan and the US, with a 1: 1 rating -

Pre-orders include a unique bonus in Japan and the US, with a 1: 1 rating –

Japanese and American players can get one Advance order bonus With plus Elton Ring, 1: 1 compact: Let’s talk about the ring used by the game character to summon Toronto. This ring is called the Spectral Street Whistle in English.

In Japan, This bonus actually costs an extra 500 yen (approximately € 3.90), but is also included in the collector’s versions of the Elton Ring. Precisely, this collector’s item on Japanese soil is exclusive to the Geo chain.

In United StatesInstead, the Elton Ring is available as a pre-order bonus at GameStop. It is not clear whether the Western version is the same as the Eastern version, but we can say that when looking at the pictures they are very similar in appearance. You can see the ring in the picture below.

As you can see, That ring – In the US and Japan – Distributed in a black bag with the Elton Ring logo. It is an item of low economic value, but it can be worn because it is an interesting promotion and size. For now, this ring does not appear to be distributed in Italy.

Elton Ring It’s one of the most anticipated games of the next year or at least the first few months, and there’s no shortage of reasons why it’s co-produced with George RR Martin.

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