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Pokemon lashes out on stage for meta hot dub - Nert 4. Life

Pokemon lashes out on stage for meta hot dub – Nert 4. Life

இமானே ‘Pokemon‘Anis left Traction For how he handled the meta Hot tub, Which is a broadcast of little girls making live streams from hot tubs, often wearing very bold outfits. In fact, Twitz’s Just Chat section is currently overflowing with these shows, which some say is more suited to other stage genres.

According to Pokemon, the problem lies in the smoke and ambiguity Guidelines Twitch, which leaves very large gray areas where users can find space to break the rules.

The problem with Pokemon is not the women, he feels no resentment against her, but the site has done a bad job of making people understand what is acceptable and unacceptable. Stream.

According to his twitch Sexual nature Of this content, but made these gray areas too large, preventing them from being blocked from the site. So they do not apply to all ages, but at the same time they are not exactly punished by the same guidelines.

For this reason, according to her, we can categorize these “medium” content and increase the number of human evaluators to control them, otherwise they run the risk of occupying the entire site. They need someone to go into the live streams and do something directly.

Twitch has said it is already monitoring the situation, but has not yet explained what it wants to do to resolve it.

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