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Pokemon Home - The Pokemon GO link is now live, not yet available to everyone

Pokemon Home – The Pokemon GO link is now live, not yet available to everyone

Update [Thu 12th Nov, 2020 07:15 GMT]: According to, players level 33 and above can now transfer Pokemon from GO to home.

Original article [Wed 11th Nov, 2020 01:30 GMT]: Good news coaches (Well, kind of), Pokemon Home Finally Niantic’s zoomed-in reality smartphone is able to connect with the game Pokemon GO. This means you can now switch pocket monsters from GO to your Pokemon games on the switch.

According to, this is currently limited to Level 40 GO practitioners only. To change a pocket monster, you need to connect GO to your Nintendo account under Settings option and then access Home Transporter to send Pokemon.

Each time you use Pokemon Transporter Energy is converted, which is recovered over time. You can read more about this in our previous post. Apparently, using a glossy legend All Energy. If you transform a monster, you will receive a one-time mystery prize for a special level 100 Melmet with gigantomoxing ability.

There are no details on when this feature will be available to Lower Level GO trainers, but we will let you know if you ask anything. Can you still use this transfer feature between Pokemon Home and Pokemon GO? Tell us below.

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