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PlayStation, Shawn Layden PCs need exclusivity but strategy clear -

PlayStation, Shawn Layden PCs need exclusivity but strategy clear –

Has been Shawn Layton To Exclusive From PlayStation And landed PC: The former CEO and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America revealed in an interview, using the opportunity to explain the strategy behind what many consider to be a crazy idea.

Layton explained the reasons behind this choice in an interview, so this is not Jim Ryan’s idea: the current president has limited himself to reiterating the decision, pursuing an explicit policy with a specific purpose: Attract new users In the PlayStation Ecosystem.

Shawn Layton

“The idea of ​​bringing PlayStation content to PC was something I was thinking about shortly before I decided to leave Sony and do something else,” Layton said. “Because the question I’m asking myself is, how do we bring new users into our ecosystem if we only address people who are already part of it?”

“Continuing to talk only to PlayStation fans can make them more loyal and spend more money on our games, mobile programs, and exclusives, but their numbers will remain the same.”

Shawn Layton at the Sony Conference
Shawn Layton at the Sony Conference

“So the idea was to land on the computer, although I’m skeptical that we’ve ever seen releases on two platforms at the same time … but never say that. When we were developing it, the strategy was to get to where they were.

“What’s the best way to achieve this? Take one of our best – selling games already available on the PlayStation for eighteen months or two and bring it to the PC so that these users can think about the quality of our content. By. ”

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A Trojan horseIn short, instead of an unconditional opening: Laden cleared up the doubts and confusion of those who thought we were heading in the direction of mergers like Xbox and Windows 10, suggesting that Sony was not interested in doing anything like that. , At least for now.

That is not to say that we will see new PlayStation exclusives on PC, but after a certain period of time from their original release and always with the intention of attracting new users, the first episode of a series will be tasting. Carried out only on the platforms. Sony.

Do Layton’s words match your beliefs in this matter? Does Sony’s strategy seem right to you, and does it really work? Or are you convinced that taking exclusives elsewhere will reduce their value? Let’s talk about.