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PlayStation buys Bluepoint games - new game at work •

PlayStation buys Bluepoint games – new game at work •

Bluepoint Games, the makers of the Demons Souls remake, are now part of the PlayStation Studio.

In the evening, as Sony and PlayStation announced, they captured another development studio with Blupoint Games.

In recent times, the team has handled remakes Demon spirits And The shadow of the giant figure Untitled Named: Worked by Nathan Drake Collection Team.

“BluePoint has raised the bar of graphics and gameplay on consoles in each of their projects, and their extensive expertise in creating worlds and characters will benefit future PlayStation Studios projects.” Commented Hermann Hulst, president of the PlayStation Studio.

The last remake of BluePoint?

New games instead of remakes

In the future, Bluepoint wants to focus more on new games instead of creating remakes.

Bluepoint Chairman Mark Thrush said, “We are currently working on our own for our next project IGN. “We can’t talk about it yet, but it’s the next step in development for us.”

“Moving from remakes to remakes should test ourselves and try harder for the next level,” he notes.

Details about the new project are not yet available at this time.

“We want to break boundaries or break them, while at the same time creating as high quality games as possible and, above all, having fun,” Thrush writes on the PlayStation blog. “Focusing on our corporate culture is key to our success, and we are delighted to share our beliefs and visions with PlayStation Studios.”

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