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PlayStation 5: Dealer promises replenishment - you can buy consoles again

PlayStation 5: Dealer promises replenishment – you can buy consoles again

PlayStation 5 is very popular. So far, many gamers have missed out and failed to catch the PS5. (Archive photo)

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Many gamers have not been able to catch the PlayStation 5 yet. Now, however, a dealer speaks up and promises PS5 deliveries.

  • The PlayStation 5 Not available anywhere.
  • An electronics retailer is now promising more deliveries.
  • Recently there were a few PS5 consoles Euronics And Mitoys Available.

Update Monday, March 29, 2021, 12:07 PM.: Most recently, many locals reported PS5 replenishments, in some cases even before Easter. In fact, a limited number of Sony consoles can be found in online stores Euronics And Mitoys To be caught. As has often happened PlayStation 5 But in both cases it was resold in a very short time.

Electronic retailer Expert However, it is now making the hearts of gamers beat faster: “We can ensure that we can deliver more PS5 teams to our customers soon,” said the expert. Known. However, the exact time has not been announced. According to the gaming portal, sales of the PS5 to the expert can be expected to start “almost at any time”. So it is important to keep your eyes open again and stay as fast as possible.

Position PlayStation 5 / PS5
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release 19. November 2020
Sold so far. T. 4.5 million (as of December 31, 2020)

PlayStation 5: Insider with hot tip for PS5 sale on Amazon

First Report 2021 March 8 Monday to 3:33 pm: Castle – Amazon Most Liked PlayStation 5 Not available for a long time. It is rumored that will change soon. According to an insider, the US online retailer is expected to sell a large amount in the future PS5 consoles Get.

Mostly well known Twitter user “PS: Let’s play” At 9am on Monday, he tweeted that he had new information about a PS5 delivery Amazon To. Accordingly, the mail order company should be on Mondays and Tuesdays 15,000 Sony consoles Will be given.

PlayStation 5: Sold on Amazon? Inside reveals suspicion

The insider does not know exactly when PlayStation 5 Available for repurchase on Amazon. However, he expects sales to begin on Wednesday (March 10, 2021). Be sure of that TwitterUsers, however, do not.

Presumably Amazon Offer popular playground equipment to their customers only when the consoles are actually in stock. This is because the Seattle (USA) based company is trying to deliver its products quickly, for image reasons only. Amazon has not yet announced any new sales.

Amazon: The rumor mill about the PlayStation 5 is boiling over

Rumors of PlayStation 5 will not stop the plant from sinking: According to an insider, Sony is planning a new one PS5-firmware. The update will appear in March. PS5 fans should only use the console in the following authorized locations SonyBusiness Partners To purchase.

  • Replace
  • Amazon
  • Euronics
  • Expert
  • Otto
  • Media Mark
  • Saturn
  • Gamestop
  • Medimax
  • Mல்லller
  • Game Grotto
  • Conrad
  • Cyberspot

Further Sony Raises a lot of confidence in gamers with a statement. Production should increase in the next few weeks. At the same time, the company is lowering expectations. Because even at Christmas there may not be enough PlayStation 5 consoles made.

Who does not Christmas Waiting for the PlayStation 5 can be a trick to increase their chances of buying. This is what the gaming influencer says on Twitter. (John Went)

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