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Play Store ratings are by country and device

Play Store ratings are by country and device

From November 2021, Google will break the ratings of apps and games in the Play Store by country. Then, a difference will be created between the devices.

Reviews and star ratings provide important clues to interested parties as to whether an application or game will meet their expectations – or whether the application is working properly on their device. The same processor may not always work the same in different countries or on different devices – this is not yet reflected in the ratings.

In the future, Google will break ratings in the Play Store based on country and device

Like Google in one Blog input Announced, ratings and ratings on Play Store will be divided by country and device type in the future. Country registered in A: e User: must be taken into account from November 2021. A wide variety of devices, such as wearables, tablets or Chromebooks, will become a benchmark “in early 2022”.

According to Google, some flaws in a processor occur only regionally or are limited to one type of device, but generally take into account what affects ratings. Ratings and ratings should be “more personalized” and tailored to the user’s personal experience.

It has already been announced that developers will have enough time to prepare for the update, Google explains. Additionally, the Play Console, where developers can view downloads, ratings, and information about the performance of their applications, is subject to change.

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Google continues to work in the Play Store

Earlier this year, Google announced or made major changes to the Play Store. The company wants to follow suit from 2022, and with the help of Apple in its App Store Privacy-labels Specify how individual processors handle data – how much they collect, to whom it is sent, and how it can be deleted.

In addition, there are innovations that mainly affect developers: it was replaced in August 2021 File format for applications. This has been the case since April this year Strict rules for viewing the application – Emoji, capslocks and misleading information are prohibited here. Inspired by Apple’s legal battle with Epic Games, Google announced earlier this year that it would be working with developers Reduction in transaction fees The opposite can be seen – at least up to a million in sales.

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