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Play Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free

Play Black Ops Cold War Zombies for free

One week free brain.

  • You can play Call of Duty’s Zombies mode: Black Ops Cold War for free
  • This is possible for a week
  • Has access to different game genres

Call of Duty: If you’re waiting for the chance to play Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode for free, here it is!

You will have the opportunity to do so on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms as part of this week’s “Zombies Free Access Week”. The week runs from 14 to 21 January 2021.

To participate, all you have to do is download the appropriate version of the game from the respective store, and you will also need Xbox Live Gold on Xbox devices.

If “Attack” is added to PlayStation devices, you will have access to “The Machine” and “Crankt”.

“The Machine” takes you to an abandoned laboratory in Poland, which dates back to the pre-World War II era. With your team you are trying to find the secrets of the named machine that is hidden – or you may disappear from there again if things become too dangerous for you.

If it is not stressful enough for you, it is a good alternative. As soon as the first zombie appears, a timer starts running, and if you do not kill a zombie within that time limit, you will explode. Because.

Of course, the timer will get smaller and smaller over time, while detectable power-ups will temporarily freeze the timer for all players.

Attack is again a PlayStation-exclusive game variant (until November 1, 2021) in which you both play on the multiplayer maps of the Black Ops Cold War, and move from area to area.

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All the improvements you make during Zombies Free Access Week will definitely be converted to the full version if you purchase it.