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Plan for new content coming up until 2022 -

Plan for new content coming up until 2022 –

Age of Empires4 Has its own Project Already established in connection with New content coming soon From this winter to the spring of 2022 and beyond, with some anticipation, Microsoft has delivered the official post on the Xbox Wire in the last few hours.

An update was released on November 15th by Link 7879, Mostly focuses on performance adjustment and various system updates through game management updates and various post-release fixes. New content is expected to come later, even in the winter of 2021, this time, only another improvement and editing update is planned.

Update dell’iWinter 2021 Many changes have to be made in terms of balance: we are talking about hundreds of elements that have been replaced by updates, with bug fixes and some adjustments to key elements of the strategic game in question.

Age of Empires 4, Update Road Map

The innovations include the score of the players in the game and some changesInterface, Moving some buttons on the screen, the ability to view the map after matches and some improvements in the mini-map were applied, as well as various bug fixes and other balancing attempts.

Appropriate tools Content creation Start of standardized seasons, patrols and various bug and performance adjustments to allow the game to be enriched by users and the community. Then, other evolutions are expected between artificial intelligence, point indicators, other changes in the interface and new content.

On the other hand, Microsoft has already stated that Age of Empires 4 will be a platform for sustainable development with updates and competing seasons, while we are still waiting to learn about the possibilities that come with consoles because apparently the team is working. in it. , But he needs to figure out how to do it.

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