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Pitton's sentence on sexual harassment, Andrew Cuomo: "He must resign."  Nancy Pelosi downloads it too

Pitton’s sentence on sexual harassment, Andrew Cuomo: “He must resign.” Nancy Pelosi downloads it too

US President Joe Biden has clarified his position on the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo The sentence is clear during a press conference: “Yes, he must resign.” Cuomo, who was elected Pita from the Democrats, is embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal involving women working among his staff. Biden’s position is clear and comes after the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (Democrat), asked for her resignation: “I can only admire women who speak boldly and tell the truth.” Besides him, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumacher has also demanded Cuomo’s resignation.

Investigations and allegations: The Cuomo case

After more than five months of investigation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was formally charged with sexual harassment for violating state and federal laws and abusing several women, including current and other former New York state employees. Cuomo is said to have retaliated against an employee who, in the past, tried to report the governor’s abuse. At a news conference, the Attorney General of the State of New York, Lettia JamesDem confirmed the allegations against the governor, underscoring the fact that his behavior “created a work environment surrounded by fear and intimidation and hostility towards various employees in New York State offices.” Report From New York Times, Would have happened last July 17 And it will last a long time 11 ore. Earlier the governor was accused of harassing seven other women, including a journalist Now, Jessica Bogema, Accused Cuomo of abusing himself early in his career as a political correspondent. Allegations that the Dem Governor always rejected.

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