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Preform releases CCleaner 5.76 with bug fixes -

Piriform releases CCleaner 5.89 with new features

Update number 5.89.9385 is now available for download on CCleaner for Windows. In the new version, Chromium browser cookies will be removed again after changing the location of Chromium. It affects all Chromium browsers, e.g. B. CCleaner browser, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera and Yandex. Added support for cleaning up Firefox when installing from the Microsoft Store. Each application installed from the Microsoft Store will be stored in a new location. The developers want to make sure that CCleaner can clean everything. Last but not least, CCleaner has been upgraded to use C ++ 20, which allows developers to work more efficiently and deploy improvements more quickly. To use the update, download the latest version of CCleaner and run the installer. The current version will be overwritten, so there is no need to uninstall it beforehand. The upgrade to version number 5.89.9385 requires Windows 7 and up and can now be downloaded from the official website. More information about this update can be found below or here Preform.

Download -> Download CCleaner for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Version 5.89.9385 of CCleaner for Windows now loads as follows:

Version 5.89.9385 includes the following new features and improvements:

Excellent cleaning

  • We clean Chromium browser cookies again after moving them to the Chromium storage space. It affects all Chromium browsers, e.g. CCleaner browser, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera and Yandex.
  • We’ve added support for cleaning up where Firefox is installed via the Microsoft Store. Every application installed through the Microsoft Store is stored in a new location, so we will work with other popular applications in the Store to ensure that CCleaner can clean them.
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Advanced technology

  • We have upgraded CCleaner to use C ++ 20. This allows you to work more efficiently and deliver apps updates faster.

CCleaner for Windows -> Description via Piriform

The standard version of CCleaner frees up disk space, erases your online tracks and helps you manage your computer, which also improves its speed. CCleaner Professional integrates all these free features with powerful automation to keep your computer clean, safe and fast.

  • Faster computer: Over time, unused files and systems accumulate on the computer, taking up hard disk space and gradually slowing down the system. CCleaner cleans these files and speeds up the system in no time.
  • Browse Safely: Advertisers and many websites record your online behavior using cookies stored on your computer. CCleaner clears search history and cookies, keeping your browsing activity private.
  • Fewer bugs and crashes: Over time, bugs and corrupted systems can accumulate in your registry and lead to crashes. CCleaner’s patented registry cleaner cleans up this junk data and makes your computer more stable.
  • Fast Start: Many programs run uninterrupted in the background when you start your computer. CCleaner keeps you working or playing faster by disabling programs you don’t need.

Via Piriform Blog